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Learn How To Photograph Stuff with Vin

October 02, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

If you have a decent SLR and lenses, and you really want to make your images "pop" off the page (or computer), then you may want to have some one on one photography mentoring by yours truly.

What we do is find out what kind of photography you are most interested in from the list below, then we setup a shoot so you can learn hands-on and be guaranteed some great photography for your portfolio.

Areas I Mentor in:

  • Portraiture (studio)
  • Boudoir/Glamour (studio)
  • Macro (studio or outdoors)
  • Still life (studio or outdoors)
  • Babies (studio or home)
  • Landscape/Long Exposure

The cost of the mentoring depends on how much time we need, what expenses may be involved with the session such as model, hair and makeup, and travel required.   But an example of a model shoot would be something like this:

1 Hour set design and lighting

1 Hour studio photography

1 Makeup session

1 Hour of photo editing and enhancement in Lightroom

$300 for my work mentoring

$50 for the model

$50 for the makeup

$400 total for a complete series of professionally studio photographs in high resolution, all images.   

I provide the studio lighting, backgrounds, camera (if needed) wireless triggers, instruction all along the way.   I guarantee you will love the results, learn a ton in the process, and be inspired to go off and create art on your own with your new found knowledge!

If this sounds good to you, contact me and let's chat!


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