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Hire Me Please!!!

June 14, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

In case I haven't made a good case for why you should commission me to do your portrait, let me expand my case further:

1. I can only do limited sessions in a given year; I am not doing volume so every portrait I do is "special" to me.   Therefore, the creation will be special to you too.

2. I spend much time and love on the photographs because I enjoy the outcome as much as you do.   Your photographs are unique and personal.

3. I could really use the work.  A steady stream of work would mean I could continue to do more of what I love.   Wouldn't you like that for me?

4. It's not that expensive.  $200 to create the images, and you pay whatever product costs from the website when you order.   Pretty affordable when you consider the portrait will probably hang on your wall for generations to come!

Why not hire me!



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