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RAWArtist "Marvel" show April 21, 2013

April 22, 2013  •  1 Comment

RAWARTIST- Marvel from Vin Weathermon on Vimeo.

The show was a great success, although I was only presenting my fine art nude work and our Anime Photography work.   Lauren was awesome, and really made the booth pop (photos of the girl with the real live girl right there).

The setup was much more elaborate than any of the other booths as we had our own white balanced lighting and a projector hooked to an ipad and sound system to show "The Making of - Anime Portrait".   I had not counted on how difficult it was to actually hang the artwork on the chain link fences, but have a better idea of how to do that in the future if I ever have to do that again.

There were many people that stopped just short of the booth because they were afraid of looking too interested in nudity (an interesting phenomenon considering the show was an artistic show.)  But Lauren and I did our best to engage them, and have them take a pick of our portfolio cards and explained we do more than just nudies.

The other exhibitors were awesome, friendly and of course crazy-creative.  Makeup artist Rachalle Llanes worked so hard to get her models ready for the runway, which unfortunately was scheduled way too late in the production when about half of the people left, including most of my guests who didn't want to wait around an hour and a half to see it.   But it was COOL for sure...will post videos later.

Overall, a great back is sore from lifting, and my feet hurt from standing all day...but a good sore I guess!

IMG_6400 Rachelle Llanes at work


It was awesome! I really enjoyed all the artistic talent displayed last night. Wainting for Heidi to join in next time and put her amazing work out there! A really fun crowd, and of course, the highlight being you and Lauren. The booth was amazing and the girl was enjoying every minute of it. Really proud of you two, your work was beautiful.
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