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The Anime Portrait

April 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This idea comes from my daughter Lauren, who loved the videos by  Anastasiya Shpagina - Real Life Anime Girl  who does fantastic makeup to transform herself into an anime character.   Lauren wanted to try this herself, so we did a photoshoot. Makeup provided by Rachelle Llanes (


I thought the makeup and wardrobe really made the image; 2 hours of makeup included contacts (which Lauren could not wear because they made her eyes tear up constantly), airbrushing, and all kinds of stuff.  The photography was a 4 light setup, against a computer printed forest scene.

Here is a beginning of a video created by Frank Aragon, a gifted filmmaker, producer, actor and director.  Many thanks for making this beautiful movie..

vin sounds rough-Desktop from Steven Aragon on Vimeo.




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