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Introducing: Renaissance Masterpiece Portraits by Vin Weathermon

December 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Vin Weathermon is proud to announce his highest quality artistic wall portrait, the Renaissance Masterpiece!  These fine art wall portraits are evocative of a time where painters captured the essence of their dignified subjects wearing their finest clothes, simply and beautifully.  Every detail is meticulously refined and beautified, with genuine oil brushed highlights creating realism and depth of a photograph, with the richness of a painting.

The whole experience is unique.   The portrait is usually a single person for the most dramatic effect, although more people can be included.   Formal wear is required to make this portrait, and hair and makeup for women/girls is provided. Optionally, we can provide formal wear.  

After the makeup session, your creation session will capture your most engaging and dramatic features.  These are not typically "smiling" portraits, but rather you are looking like you might just know a secret or two.

We hope you enjoy the Renaissance Masterpiece portrait for generations to come.


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