Photography Workshops by Vin Weathermon

Photography Workshops by Vin Weathermon are hands-on, fun and creative sessions to boost a photographer's passion for making artistic photographs!   Workshops are in a group format or can be done one-on-one.  Workshops are 3 hours on Saturdays at The Factory in Santa Ana, and cost $99 which includes instructional materials, lecture, hands on photography session with a model and complete lighting setup.  All you need is your DSLR camera, or you may rent one.   Contact Vin for pricing, schedule and details.   Package Prices

To see some of the outstanding images from photographers at the Photography Workshops, have a look here:

Photo Walks Saturday 9 - noon

Walk the beach or other location for a hands-on experience, learning while doing.  This one-on-one experience can help passionate enthusiasts learn how to best use their camera gear in a variety of situations, approximating real-world scenarios.  $49/hr, 2 hour minimum.  

Introduction to Studio Photography $99 - 3 Hours

Educational or experience requirements

Basic understanding of camera settings and modes related to the model of camera (where the manual settings are, ISO, autofocus, exposure modes).    If the camera is not a Canon or Nikon, bring your camera's instruction manual.  Knowledge of using your DSLR manual mode is very helpful, but not necessary.  


The introduction to Studio Lighting will provide the student with the hands-on training to create a dramatic portrait with only one studio strobe and reflector, using the technique of creating chiaroscuro.   

The student will learn:

1. How Chiaroscuro adds drama and realism
2. What types of studio strobes are best and some pros/cons
3. What kinds of light modifiers can be used for what purpose
4. Camera basics for studio lighting
5. How to build a set with a background

Testimonials from Vin's Fans!


The class on the teaching of the use of lighting, how one sets up his particular camera and how one positions himself for the shot in relation to the lighting on the subject was OUTSTANDING!  ~ Dick S., Irvine, CA

Did a photo workshop yesterday with Vin Weathermon. Great workshop and I made some amazing images. I learned a lot from Vin.~Ron R., Dana Point, CA


I saw the edited photos and they look amazing!! My mom ABSOLUTELY loves them. I rarely ever wear the traditional Viet dress and Chinese dresses, so just seeing the Vietnamese dress made my mom's day. I started sharing a couple already on Facebook, and I had so many compliments (thanks to you and the photographers!) I'll be Instagraming some of them. Hehe, I found you on instagram and added you also!

Thank you SO much for the amazing photos. Are you still doing your workshops weekly?

~Mimosa L., Garden Grove, CA

"Working with Vince can best be described as "magical."  We've only worked together twice but our first shoot yielded several acting and models jobs and our second shoot has already won a showcase award on onemodelplace.  Vince is definetely a one-of-a-kind photographer with a beautiful eye guaranteed to shoot picture perfect every time." ~ Marybeth Ford, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Vinnie,  Wow, outstanding imagery! You obviously have a very talented eye for the camera.  Absolutely adore your work!  Hope to hear from you soon! ~Chelsea, Santa Ana, CA

Hi Vinnie,  I was checking out your portfolio and saw you have one of  our photos as your  main photo! I think that is great, and I love that image.  Could you do me a  favor and link the image to me like the other one, in case anyone wants to  see more of me? I would really appreciate that.  Thank you again for sending the CD right away, and for > the beautiful photos. ~Debbie, Temecula, CA

Here is something I mean to say. You have quite a talent. The quality of imagery you have before you - your passion, intimate, sensual, beautiful - caught with a click of your finger and squint of your eye, forever perfect as a feast to behold. Excellent work! ~Anita, Torrance, CA