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It's Timeless, Elegant, Exclusive:  The Renaissance Masterpiece Portraiture

The Renaissance is about artistic rebirth, a reawakening for those who appreciate fine art and hand-made quality not typically found in “photos.” Vin's Masterpiece Portrait is much more than just a picture, with its richness and handcrafted artistry made in a time where the Internet and digital cameras are commonplace. Vin's truly unique wall art portrait will be the most beautiful and cherished likeness you’ll be proud to own for your home or office.

Understanding the Portraiture Process

Each Vin Weathermon portrait has undergone an artistic process that begins with a creation session where your image is captured, brush stroke enhanced by hand, then laid on canvas with contour and oil brush strokes to produce an amazing, beautiful portrait like no other.  There are no two portraits alike.   Portraits are typically of single subjects for the most impact, however family portraits of two or more subjects may be commissioned.  

Here's what's involved when you commission your portrait:
A Vin Portrait in a Louis XV museum quality frameA Vin Portrait in a Louis XV museum quality frameA Vin Portrait in a Louis XV museum quality frame

I. Choosing your Wardrobe and Makeup

A fine portrait requires formal attire for all subjects, with appropriate hair and makeup styling.   Through several fine partners we offer the option of a variety of rental wardrobe, and to further guarantee you look your best, we offer an optional hair and makeup studio session an hour or so before the creation session begins.

Your Wardrobe

  • Men: wear your best dark suit, black, gray, or navy blue.  Alternatively, we can recommend formal rental options.
  • Women: sleeveless, floor-length formal gowns, black, navy blue preferred.  
  • Children-Boys:  long sleeved, white dress shirt and tie, dark tones.
  • Children-Girls: sleeved girls gowns, white, black or navy blue.

Rental outfits from a variety of partners are available to ensure the look is elegant and timeless.

II. The Creation Session

Your image and signature look will be captured with refined, elegant expressions reserved for a fine commissioned portrait.   The background is proprietary and designed to not overpower the warmth of his subjects, and guarantee the person "pops off the canvas".  This style of portraiture is classic, and nearly a lost art in today's pursuit of digital gratification.

III. The Reveal Session

A week or so after your creation session, you'll get to come in for a reveal presentation where you'll see preview versions of your portrait shown in "life size", so you can choose your final image and select the frame.   

IV. The Canvas Artistry

Once chosen, your final selected image is then painstakingly enhanced by hand on artist canvas, creating a product that rivals a fine oil painting with realism of a photographic portrait. The canvas used in the creation of a Vin Portrait is archival quality, expected to exceed 100 years depending on the viewing conditions.  Vin's signature look will last generations in your home or office. 

V. The Exquisite Museum Framing

Your frame will be museum quality, meticulously finished by hand from master craftsmen with decades of experience from only the best hand selected gold leafing imported from Germany and Italy. Each frame is individually hand antiqued with to give it the distinctly rich look and feel of a museum masterpiece. The frames are made from scratch; these are not the less expensive (and unfortunately industry standard) “chop and join” molding.  Rather, each of our individually built frames have closed corners with no visible seams.  Your frame is exquisite and designed to match the portrait, in a classic look that will continue to be wonderful even after your home's decor has moved on.  Ultra-premium option includes the famous handmade Mayen Olson frames, also works of art.

VI. The Gilded Name Plaque Hand lettered name plaque (click to enlarge)Hand lettered name plaque (click to enlarge)Hand lettered name plaque (click to enlarge)

Your family name will be hand-lettered on a gilded name plaque and mounted on your frame, in the tradition of fine art paintings.  Each plaque is cut from hard wood and is then arduously prepared for gilding in the same manner used for the most elite custom gilded frames using gold leaf application. 22 karat gold is then applied to each title plate, after which they are hand-lettered to your specifications. The artist that provides these custom plaques has been doing this for fine museums and art galleries since 1987; there are very few in the world that can produce this by hand (most are laser printed on gold leaf or painted wood.)

VII. The Fine Art Lighting Option

Your finished wall art portrait needs a frame lamp sized appropriately to provide even, warm light without damaging heat.  We provide a wireless LED version that makes it easy to hang your work wherever you desire.

VIII. The Art Easel Option

Your portrait may be hung or displayed on an easel. Our easel is from a very exclusive supplier of fine wood H-frame easels. The H frame easel is the most secure and has the richness of wood that complements your framed art.

Wall Portrait Investment

Commission and creation of your fine portrait is without obligation.  You may expect to spend several thousand dollars or more for your hand-crafted heirloom portrait; we guarantee the experience to be pleasant, relaxed and memorable.